Inked Out Asian
RIP Biggie.

RIP Biggie.

Fucking Oberlin Liberals

These oberlin “liberals” crack me up. They clearly wish all your hearts that you were deep in struggle cuz you’re bored. yall would DIE if you spent a day in any of the shoes of any prisoner, undocumented person, working class person, or anyone fighting to survive.


I can’t escape. I thought turning off the computer and going out for fresh air would work.

Hanka and I called our friend Xavier and stayed in school until he arrived to hang out with us and grab some grub. He called us and told us he was outside so once we got out there we…


My thoughts aren’t good enough- I don’t know the right words and I don’t say them in the right voice. I refuse sometimes to code switch in this space. It doesn’t go over well. I feel like my every act has to prove that I belong to be here. That I earned the right to have this education


Damn. Tiesha beat me to it!

This video is so indicative of how MANY (but not all) “liberal” white women treat Black men. Especially here at Oberlin… Especially PJP. There. I said it.

So I read this article today on the Root (I should have known better but I think I like being mad) about interracial dating and, while I wasn’t as offended as I’d thought I’d be, I was still a little mad at how this reflects on how we think about interracial dating. While I agree with the general theme of the article, that you shouldn’t date a White person BECAUSE they’re White, I can’t help but be a little upset that this article basically frames interracial dating as either you date Black or you date White as if those are the only two feasible options. What about the rest of us? What about Latino, Asian, and Indigenous men? Can’t we get some love too? How come we aren’t feasible options? Ladies (and Gents too I suppose) I’m just saying that we out here looking for love too. For all you know the Mr Right might be Mr Wong and you wouldn’t know it.